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Welcome to Artistic Life Photos, a place to explore the images and photographic services of artist/photographer Linda Henderson. artist/photography

Linda translates her passion for life into stunning images. Her photographs are now available for purchase or rental for residential, corporate or institutional spaces. She also offers her unique talents to photograph events and will undertake commissions. photography artist/photography

About Me

Artistic Life Photos

Linda Henderson

I was raised in the country,  I grew up with a deep set love of nature and animals. The peace and quiet walking the wooded mountain trails to this day fills my soul. photography artist/photography

Work, however, drew me to the city and with a career as a Gemologist and Goldsmith, I designed and made custom pieces of high end jewelry. I was pleased and somewhat surprised to find that I had an artistic side and took great pride in the designs of the finished products I created over the years as my artistic eye and my jewelry talents developed. photography artist/photography

Living and working in Florida my business flourished, but I still lacked fulfillment. I joined the Humane Society and worked as a Court appointed Federal Cruelty Officer and President, all the while working full time with my jewelry business. Rescuing endangered animals brought me a great joy and fulfillment which my life had been missing. The joy on one side did however come with a cost. The work also showed the reality of how cruel and depraved people can be when it comes to animals, domestic and wild. It was a time of great happiness and great sadness. photography artist/photography

Returning to Canada, I started a new chapter in my life. I was back in the country with the nature and wildlife I had grown up with. I thought my artistic life was behind me until I picked up a camera and started taking photos. The dawning of the digital age allowed me to shoot and shoot and shoot and learn. photography artist/photography

Having spent years, often looking at the darker side of life, I revelled in photographing the simple and positive side of life. Nature, animals, scenery, and people all in an uplifting manner. photography artist/photography

The past years spent learning my craft have been enjoyable and for someone who loves to learn, photography has proved itself to be a never ending school of study. artist/photography

Working as a artist/photographer at Film Festivals and Galas to photo shoots of pets with Santa Clause, the different people I have met, the places I have visited, and the joy I have brought to other people through my pictures have been very rewarding. photography artist/photography

  I recently decided to develop this web site to exhibit and sell my photos on line. This too is a learning process as I continue to take photos and add to my eclectic list of photos. I hope you enjoy what I have posted here for you to see and also encourage you to return and see what I add in the future as life continues to revitalize our lives. photography artist/photography